EKO! Eko! eko! an audio fx app

Thought I would share my little thing I released the other day. It's real time audio fx with a stereo delay, micro looper and repeater. As input you can use either the built in microphone or line in through a 4 pole splitter. I thought it was really fun to code something for this little device, fun to force yourself to think in new ways, with the crank and the black and white screen. Quite different in many ways from the desktop and iOS work I normally do.

Anyway, here is a little demo of me using it together with Korg Gadget for the switch:

Here is a link to buy it: EKO! Eko! eko! by humbletune




FWIW the link works, but I don't see it under Recent Playdate games on Itch, and I can't find it in Search either. Maybe an issue to report to Itch? And/or maybe it's listed as a Tool (trickier to get to on Itch) instead of a Game?

I know sometimes your first paid title on Itch experiences a review delay though.

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I've noticed that too, which is a bit sad. :frowning: Not that I expect many downloads for such a niche thing but it would be nice to show up in the searches at least. I read somewhere also first time releases might take a while for the review.

Maybe I should report it to Itch as you say!



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FWIW someone said Itch has a review backlog currently, so maybe the extra delay isn't really a sign of a reportable problem?

P.S. I tend to recommend ALL end-user Playdate Itch titles be listed as Games (which come up in Recents and are easily browsable) instead of Tools:

  • Tools seems to be meant for game development tools, not for non-game apps for end users (which Itch has no actual category for).

  • Even within Games, it lets you choose a different word/phrase for the displayed "type": I changed the phrase for my Playtime clocks from the default "game" to "app." Still appears in the Games interface, while also being clear to users!


This is absolutely brilliant!