Elasticat - A Mockup Project

Hi, I'm Zera. I'm still brand new to the forums as well as the community of Playdate but I've fallen in complete love with the system over the last couple of days and so I thought I'd share this quick mockup I made of my game Elasticat :slight_smile:

You're very welcome to follow more of my work on my Twitter @zera_dev



Looks fun, and sized nicely for the Playdate. Are you thinking about programming it?

Thank you so much! I'd definitely want to, but I'm not sure whether or not I should wait until I get the actual console to try it out on. It just feels super weird to play it simulated. Especially if I'd want to make use of the crank and actually export for others to play.

There are a ton of homies in the community who would love to work with you in testing on physical hardware until you had one in your hands.

Crank feel can be hard to judge without a crankโ€”but still, if you're inspired to get started, people have developed crank titles entirely on the Simulator (plus remote feedback from device owners).

The hardest thing to judge is performance (the Simulator can run much faster) but those mockups don't look so graphically intensive as to be a likely performance problem.

Thanks Morgan, and to you as well Metafish!
I really appreciate the encouragement :slight_smile: I might return with something playable to get some feedback on crank movement and gameplay.

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