{embed:tilename} not working in Fin exits

The "{embed:tilename}" feature doesn't appear to be working for Fin exits - the preview works as expected in the editor, but when the exit is triggered in the web player it just shows the raw text. Which of the two is incorrect? (i.e. on a real device will the ending display like the editor or the web player?)

Preview in editor:

Web player:

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Definitely a bug. Fixing now!


Any update on this? It still seems to be showing the raw text when playing in the simulator.

also - you don't get an error if you type in a tile name that doesn't exist - fin exit or otherwise.

This was fixed two weeks ago (The Pulp Changelog - #5 by shaun). You might need to clear your browser's cache and you definitely need to redownload the pdx to get the fix. If you already had embeds in fin exits you will need to edit those exits so the editor can parse out the now supported embedded tiles.

Sorry, I hadn't realised I needed to edit the existing exits. Thank you for the fix!