Empire - A Medieval Management game

You are the new head of your country, and it is up to you to protect and feed your people, grow your economy and conquer your neighbors! Will you be destroyed or become the undisputable Emperor?

"The weather was superb my Lord. This year's harvest is plentiful!" Will you celebrate and feast with your people or will you stock grains in prevision of more difficult years. Will you attract immigrants and grow your economy or play it safe?

Set your taxes, invest in the grain market or your infrastructure and conquer and protect your country from beligerent neighbors. Grow your influence and become the Emperor.

This turn-based game aims at short sessions and can be played up to 6 players on the same playdate!

Here are a few screenshots
A fully developped country

Select your actions

Each year, your people will strive or die depending on your actions


Looking great! Curious, is this inspired by the old BBS game?

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It is indeed inspired by some old games from the 80s era. I actually played this as a kid on an AMSTRAD PC1512.
I aim at recreating a similar experience but with enhanced graphics, interface but also fix some of the things I didn't like about the game.
Have you played something similar before?

this looks awesome! love the windmills and the flag.

curious about the mechanics!

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There are many versions of this game out there, Hamurabi being well known back in the day.

A true classic! Very good to see it re-imagined on the Playdate :slight_smile: .

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You are spot on! It is a variation of it but it is inspired by Hamurabi, you are correct. This game is actually inspired by a game inspired by Hamurabi so there are some changes. I am also trying to build a nicer interface than just "text", so hopefully it will be more appealing.
I am not sure anyone under 40 would actually bother trying a text based game unfortunately :smiley:


There was an old BBS game, that took inspiration from the same Hamurabi core concept. Funny, I remember the name of the BBS I played it on (Ethereal Realm), but not the name of the game itself. Probably a variation on Empire since it was around the same time as Space Empire Elite, Galactic Empire, and so on. I do remember that the ranks of the players were titles, so you'd have Baron, Count, and so on.

Yeah it is very similar in concept. You also have all the (localized) titles in this game and you win when you reach the title of Emperor (or its equivalent).
I haven't had time to make progress on the game recently but still want to complete it.
I expect quite a bit of work on the balancing section so will need some feedback!
Thanks for your interest!