Error regarding file not used in project


  • I only load one image
    local sprite <const> ="square-100218")


  • error generated about an image that is not used in the project
  • square-100220-table-100-220.png was wrong dimensions

error: /Volumes/External/Users/matt/Projects/Playdate/Shadow/Source/square-100220-table-100-220.png: image size 100x218 isn’t a multiple of the cell size, 100x220


  • errors only for files used in project?

Eventually I want to add a way to tell the compiler to ignore files, something like a config/directive file. For now, though, the compiler tries to compile everything it sees in the source folder. We don’t have any good way of knowing which images will be used at run time–just scanning for strings passed to the image new() functions wouldn’t work, since you can do something like"image-"..tostring(n)).

Ah, yes, now I appreciate that.

Mark this one up on the “ignore files” list.