Error when attempting to compile PDX

Hello, with this particular project when I try to compile it as a PDX, I get the error " /tmp/tmp9sqr1fq7/Source/data.lua:1: unexpected symbol near 'end' ". I have earlier backups of the same project that do compile correctly so it must be something that has come up recently, but I have absolutely no idea what, so any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Would you mind exporting your game as JSON and sending it to me by private message? There's probably a string in your code somewhere that's causing an unanticipated problem, so this will help us track it down. Thanks!

Sorry but I'm having trouble working out how to send a private message, I'm not seeing a little envelope symbol next to your profile?

Ah, your account was too new to send private messages. Try it again now?