Escape from Mad City

Hi all,

I have started working on a "maze game" where you need to cross a city from south to north, while facing your legendary bad luck. You will succeed by making sure your car can continue the trip by feeding it fuel, replacing broken parts and making sure you have money to pay for these repairs (also watch out for thieves!). This game is an interpretation of an old AMSTRAD CPC game: "La Ville Infernale". Here is a screen of the original version

I'll be sharing my progress here if people are interested (or would like to share ideas!)

This being my first game in lua, I am still learning how to properly organize my code in this language and I wish to complete this project before moving to something more beefy. In hindsight, I nonetheless feel I could have gone with something even simpler for my first try :slight_smile:

So, I started the game by building a simple maze we could navigate screen by screen. My graphic skills being close to zero, it looks terrible but gave a bit of feedback. An early screencap looked like this:

You can see how we shift from one screen to another, navigate the screen and stop in the street / at the building, with an early try at gauges.

I quickly wanted to have a more appealing interface. I then went on to put together a standard background screen and reshape the interface as well as indicate the names of the buildings we can stop at (Bank, Garage, Fuel Station, Police). I also changed the transition to look a bit better.

I have now coded the differents endings and creating some small cutscenes. At the end of your game, a map of your journey is presented and you can display where the buildings you were looking for were (where was this damn garage you needed to fix your car?!)

The final steps will be to code the events (remember, you are unlucky!) and then saving the state of the game.

Oh, and sound obviously which I have no idea how to integrate at this point! :slight_smile:

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A quick update this time, now that we have almost all the events added, including the interactions with all the buildings but the police station. I added a little shaky animation.

I will soon be looking for playtesters :wink:


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