Explanation of Waveforms (image of shape?) (SDK Documentation)

Currently the sound waveforms available on the SDK are listed as:

  • playdate.sound.kWaveSine
  • playdate.sound.kWaveSquare
  • playdate.sound.kWaveSawtooth
  • playdate.sound.kWaveTriangle
  • playdate.sound.kWaveNoise
  • playdate.sound.kWavePOPhase
  • playdate.sound.kWavePODigital
  • playdate.sound.kWavePOVosim

Most of these are pretty much what it says on the tin, but the last four, would be great to have better documented.

Perhaps a series of images that show what a few cycles of each look like, when graphed out. As mentioned before, Sine, Square, Sawtooth, Triangle all are pretty much predictable..
but how is Noise generated? How is frequency/note related to it. (It seems to be a buffer of noise data (pink? white? etc) and it's just played slower/faster wrt note

POPhase, PODigital, and POVosim - i can't figure out exactly what these are, nor can I find explanation about them in the documentation. I'd love to know. :smiley:

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