Expose access to image loading library

I'm working on improving the mini3d library and I would like to be able to load textures which are not strictly black-and-white. My current plan is to add in libpng or simplepng to the project in order to achieve this, but I imagine that there is something like libpng hidden in the runtime library already.

Since it's 16000+ lines just for spng and miniz alone (not to mention other image formats), it could help reduce the build size a bit if the SDK provides access to the underlying image library directly -- and make this process a bit simpler for me at the same time :slight_smile:.

Edit: I just realized that the build script converts .png images into .pdi, so I guess the runtime doesn't have png loading capabilities. OK, no worries!

Yep, exactly. Images are all converted to a packed 1 bit per pixel format at compile time