ExtraPulp: Chrome extension to unlock 16x16 tile mode in PlayDate Pulp

ExtraPulp is a Chrome extension that unlocks PlayDate Pulp’s hidden 16x16 tile mode, so you can make games at the PlayDate’s native 400x240 resolution instead of the normal 200x120.

Source code

To install, download the source and follow Chrome’s instructions for loading an unpacked extension.

How this works:

The Pulp editor actually supports configuring the tile size and scale factor in the source code:

var tileWidth = 8;
var tileHeight = 8;
var editorScale = 2; // TODO: remove me, we're not supporting this, it gets too hairy

It looks like full resolution support was planned during development, but removed. This extension simply forces tileWidth and tileHeight to 16, and editorScale to 1.

Known issues

The .pdx probably won’t run - I don’t have a patch for the Lua inside the .pdx yet. Since the engine in the online preview does work with 16x16 tiles, and that’s just the Lua translated to JavaScript through lua2js, I’m confident that it’s possible to patch it.


We appreciate your Pulp excitement !!

But be warned: this hack will, as you note, not work with exported games. And it may not work properly for all modes of the editor.

Ultimately, we don’t want to confuse first-time Pulp authors or lead them down a road of broken incompatibility this early, so we’ll lock this thread for now — thanks for understanding!

That said, if you have a use case for why you think 1x graphics are a good idea, please let us know! Even better, we’d love to see your game design that you think works better in 1x than 2x! That would be really helpful, as we’re absolutely open to feature requests — especially since then we can make sure your idea works properly for everyone, forever.

Thanks again and thanks for being excited about Pulp!