Fanzine initiative ISO collaborators

For a couple of months I’ve been toying with the idea to put together a little fanzine entirely centered around Pulp. Seeing all the super awesome game jam entries got me thinking that it would be nice to showcase all of them to get newcomers pumped up as well.
Therefore, if anyone here would be up for sharing some of your art or code snippets please hit me up. I will not make use of anything that’s been posted on this forum unless I have the devs permission to do so.


Hello! I’d be up for sharing art, code, and write-ups. Do you want to suggest something specific?

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Hi Neven
For the 1st issue I just want to give a general intro for all newcomers to the platform. I plan to cover all the basic interface components and how to start wrapping your head around its multiple constraints.

Feel free to share any sprites that you’ve used in your own games or tips to achieve something which may not be super intuitive when you first launch the app. During the jam for example, I found out by accident that there’s now a fullscreen mode inside the web player when you hit the F key. I did check the change log and realized that it was already documented, but it’s still really easy to miss when you are super eager to just make a game. :rofl:

Also, please feel free to share any game levels you’ve worked on which use no Pulp script at all. I basically want the 1st issue to serve as a gateway to get novices hyped on Pulp and to server them bitesize tidbits on how to do neat things with very little effort on their part.