Feature request: Move and trail

Making a bullet move exactly where you want when you want is hard and unintuitive
I think it’s needed because
Making bullets, trails, sliding doors it’s all better through a move command
You could chose to have it replace the ground it was previously on when moving for instance:
Move X -1, Y +1 then
Replace “Tile 1”
Also you could have a “trail” command which would allow the bullet to have a tile one tile behind it for extra effect:
Move X +1, Y -1 then
Trail “Bullet speed particle”

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Huge +1 for this. I want to have NPCs which can wander around, or make a car that accelerates by itself. I'm brand new to Pulp, and I can't see a way to do this besides having to use Draw and manually keeping track of a Sprite's current and target positions, and then replacing both of them. It would be wonderful to have an easy way to move things around.