Feature Request: Support behaviors on world tiles

I have world tiles and I'd like them to be able to respond to events:

on "switch_flipped" do
  swap "other_tile"

I'm not sure why world tiles are special here.

You should be able to use a sprite or item tile to get the behaviour you want.

For a solid world tile use a sprite, if you don't add an interact event handler it will do nothing on interact. If the player has behaviour on their bump event handler, which usually triggers on walking into a solid world tile, you can replicate this on a sprite by calling the player's bump event from the sprite's interact event handler.

For a non-solid world tile use an item, just make sure to declare an empty collect event handler in its script to override the default collect behaviour.

The only problem this may cause is if you have code relying on type returning an expected tile type.

Thanks, that's a good workaround!

I think the feature request still stands - perhaps world tiles could only have custom events called on them or similar. The item / sprite non-solid / wall pairing is tricky and not very intuitive.