Feature Request: Tell x,y in room to

At the moment, there isn't a great way (that I've found) to swap tiles in rooms different than the one the player is in. In fact, many situations where a player's actions change something in a different room are hard to implement without global variables. One possible solution is by allowing something like

tell event.x, event.y in stringRoomName to
    //do something like swap, call, etc

just like how it's set up in goto. Interestingly, the above code does compile but pulp thinks event.y in stringRoomName is a variable, so it's equivalent to tell event.x, 0 to

I have a hunch that only one room can be "run" at a time with Pulp. In this case, maybe internally Pulp can just buffer any calls to a tile in a specific room, and automatically call them on entering that room. This would at least work for swapping. Thanks!


Do you mean

event.y in "start"

It needs to be a string, right?

Thanks for the catch, edited my post

n00b question, has this feature request been fulfilled? I don't know if feature request threads here will note if that is the case.

If we don't have it yet, totally agree with the need for this one.