[Feature]Transcript JSON pulp file to the futur playdate SDK or generate SDK project from Pulp + tile submouvement placement

A. Transcript JSON pulp file to the futur playdate SDK or generate SDK project from Pulp

  1. For prototyping game pulp is very cool but some restriction of this tools (tile logic) make it difficult to make like a good platformer) if I can load my pulp project traduce to C or LUA I could continue it
  2. I thing it could help to continue prototyping idea for game and release the game after
  3. Maybe a invert transcription of game LUA/C to Pulp would be good to continue prototyping after dev with the SDK. I think a gam dev workflow could would be
    Pulp > playdate SDK > pulp , etc

*B. tile submouvement placement

1.Maybe I can sound hang up on with my platformer on Pulp but I thought of a several solution firstly we can't call the fill function in other part of code then draw of the player. this solution for one tile character and with the implementation of "platform demo" topic

we could make subtile deplacement for all character (cpu, hero...) Maybe you could add tile_draw default function give by pulp script that is available for all script. where you can call all the function that can be only call from player draw function

could be something like

Player script

on draw do
     emit tile_draw

any other script then player

on any_draw do
   //  fill is callable here

Another way of allow subdeplacement could be a tile system that could move in subtile grid (that are the grid of pixel) maybe it could be an option that is within pulp editor like the solidity
the system that will be like in game that use the hack of create all the tile derive from your character tile. that will considerate the tile with all the possibility of half character part in x,y axes... An example of this hack is : Bouncing ball demo

if the tile can be generate like this or being directly use like this by pulp engine maybe it could work well? because it's really heavy to decline each one tile to 255...

  1. allow to create more cooler game with 2-D view that not tile move base only
    it will be generic and available for all tile

  2. That would make pulp even more used by even more game maker.

maybe there is another hack solution than tileX255 or fill technique possible?

ps: it's big feature I ask even against the philosophy of pulp and I just wait the sdk ! So if they are considerate a big good luck if you considerate to do it ! :slight_smile:

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