Flip Flop - A Reversi clone (Now Available)

Flip Flop, a Reversi clone for the Play Date, is now available on Itch.io! Flip Flop - Reversi for Playdate by Robin Mayorga

I feel like the Playdate is an ideal console for playing short abstract strategy games like Reversi, Hive, Gipf, Tak, Checkers, and others. It may even be great for longer games like Go, Chess, Shogi, and others. The ability to jump in, make a few moves, then jump out is fantastic. It's also great if you want to play a board game with a friend and don't want to pass your phone back and forth. This is my first foray into making such a game.

I've implemented a simple AI as the computer opponent. It could be smarter, but I feel like my "hard" AI is about as good as I can get it without absolutely destroying performance on the machine. Already, there are occasional bits of lag as the garbage collector gets overly excited by the vast numbers of possible moves the AI thinks through.

As I wrap up this project, I'd love to know what features you'd find important for a board game implementation on this console. Also: What other board games would you love to see on the console?


Looks good--everything seems big and legible!

HIVE!!!!! (oh please make it real yes yes take my money!!)

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That's the goal! Make it really easy to read and understand!

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HIVE - Seconded! I need 20 words so i'll go ahead and say seconded again.

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It's out and available! Flip Flop - Reversi for Playdate by Robin Mayorga

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Cool! Is it tagged #playdate and set to "released"? I didn't see it on Itch under Playdate/Most Recent. (Maybe itch just needs a little time to catch up.)