Font conversion on mac

i have a load of .ttf font files but i can’t find out how to convert .ttf to .fnt + .png. on mac any help?

I stopped a little short of completely doing this, but this thread is helpful:

I used otf2bdf, then bdf2bmp, to create a bitmap of a TTF font – which I think with enough fiddling I could get into Caps to turn it into a .fnt.

Let me know if you have success! And I'll reply here if I end up looking at it again too.

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ill try it tomorrow and ill let you know how it goes

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There's currently no quick method for Mac.

Other than the command line methods, which work well but are fiddly, I don't know of any free GUI.

I'll have a go at creating a simple drag and drop tool this week.

There is a web based font tool called tophat made by @daniel (bepis™) on Discord. I would assume it works on Mac, and it's able to import ttf and export to fnt + png. If it doesn't work on Mac, you can always ask him on Discord to see if it can be fixed.


Nice. Worked pretty solid for me on my Mac.

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Fantastic! Job done.