Font Convert Tool

I have created a tool to convert TrueType Font (.ttf), OpenType Font (.otf) to Playdate Font (.fnt + .png).



This tool was created for the purpose of using bitmap fonts containing Kanji characters in Playdate.
Not only bitmap fonts, but also outline fonts can be converted somewhat cleanly, so it would be interesting to experiment with different types of fonts.

Unfortunately, it is Windows-only, since it uses Windows APIs.


This is great! Thank you.

I reported some small issues on GitHub.

And I used it to convert a font in a quick "clock" project: Matt's Prototypes - #133 by matt

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This is great! Exactly what I was looking for since this is missing in Caps!

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This just came in super handy - thanks!

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Reminder that fonts often come with licensing requirements. If you use one in your game, make sure you aren't using it illegally.