Font Marketplace?

Any plans to make some various fonts available to the community? There's probably folks out there coming up with some that would be happy to share with the community. It would be great if they were all aggregated somewhere.

Ideally this could be in Caps! Starting from scratch is pretty overwhelming, it would be great if you could pick from a list of existing fonts to get you started, or just download those as-is and start using them in your project.

Even just including the existing fonts from the SDK would be a monumental step to getting people started! I know you can load them yourself from your local SDK install, but you have to give it both files every time and is slightly annoying. I'd love to just see a full page of fonts, so you can compare at a glance, then just click to load one into the interface and start tweaking.


I wonder if it's a bit tricky/opinionated for the Caps tool to include an actual font library, but I agree that adding the SDK fonts in there could be a great convenience.

Matt recently released a few of his fonts on Itch, and there are tons of others floating around on the forum... I'm not sure what the best answer is, but I definitely agree that collecting them all somewhere would be quite nice. I've got two of my own fonts created that I'd love to share somewhere that could be easily found for those looking for options.