Forum post layout flashes, possible epilepsy trigger

This post begins flashing rapidly if I scroll down on my iPad (safari, iOS 15.5). Seems like a layout glitch where it switches between two layouts 60 times a second (!!!).

Video here (don’t click if sensitive to flashing!)

Sorry for putting this in Bug Reports, I didn’t see anywhere to report issues with the developer forum itself but it seemed like a possible safety issue.

Thanks for letting us know. This is most likely a Discourse issue and not something we can easily control, but we'll look into it.

I'm also getting this, started happening fairly recently.

I don't get it on the other Discourse forums I visit, though they are using newer versions of the software.

Well, we're on 2.8.3 which is the current stable version. I suppose it could be due to plugins or CSS or something else we've customized.