Found weird bug in editor mode


i noticed this happen yesterday and swapping over to chrome seemed to fix it. now i'm seeing it in chrome too :frowning:

this is what i see in the editor:

this is what i see when i hit play:
(i apparently can only post one image, so see reply...)

any ideas? hoping there's a solution!!

carrie :sparkling_heart:

room test

sorry-- and here is what it looks like correctly

one thing i am noticing, without looking at this super deeply, is that i THINK all item, player, an world tiles are working right and it's just the spites that aren't there?

Are you seeing the same issue when you run your game in the Playdate Simulator?

Also, when this occurs in the browser, do you see any errors in the console? (in Chrome, View > Developer > JavaScript Console)

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no, it runs totally fine in playdate simulator. it also runs fine in the web player, and my friends can import my game and see it all without any issues

this is what i see there:

Well, I'm stumped. Would you mind exporting your game's JSON and sending it to me (private message is fine)? I'll see if I can reproduce the problem. Thanks!

will do! will send you a message now, thank you!

((sorry, how do i do that? inbox thing says to hover over your name, or click your name and click an icon, but see no icon. also says like, "message staff" or something to that effect, but i'm not seeing how to do that-- apologies!!!))

Hmm. There should be a "Message" button on the right side of the popup when you click my name at the top of this comment. You can also visit my profile page and look for the Message button there (upper right). Or just email me if that's easier (