Free game Released on Itchio - Baloo and The Big Blue

This was made entirely in Pulp and I found that it really pushed the limits of what Pulp can do on the Playdate. I was thrilled to get this working and worked through a lot of tough bugs. I wanted to share here and open a discussion if anyone has any questions about how I did it or what exactly I did to get it working! I learned a lot about what bogs the Playdate/Pulp down with moving pieces and I'd be happy to share that information, just ask!

Also, if you enjoy cheesy horrible trailers, you've gotta watch the trailer xD

I have found after making this that the limits of what I can do in Pulp feel very tangible. The zoom level in particular I found infuriating. But upon learning about the Playdate having to basically compile the entire game in a simulator style format on each load/open/finish it makes a bit more sense but is still frustrating.