Free Isometric Character Template

Greetings, Playdate community!

I’ve created an isometric character template which I’m releasing to the community under the CC0 public domain attribution.

This means you can do whatever you want with it, but if you do use it for anything, please give me (intellikat) attribution. This helps me continue to network in finding collaborators or potential work as an artist, as well honoring the time and effort I’ve put into creating it.

If you do create any characters from this template, you might also consider releasing them under CC0 attribution so that others may use them freely in their projects.

I also enjoy to see my work in use, so feel free to drop me a line to share your awesome creations!

intellikat on discord

And special thanks to sgeos for support.


template-rear-DEMO (281.6 KB)


Thank you for this awesome creation! I hope it leads to a bounty of collaborators and work opportunities! @intellikat is the most talented 1-bit pixel animator I know. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@sgeos would also value further collaboration with pixel artists keen to skin these templates for a project he's working on. This might be a good opportunity for someone to get their work out in a future-finished project.

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Amazing, much appreciated, very handy!!!

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Thank you-- hope they are useful.