Free Pulp Fonts

Hi all. I just converted my png-based font files over to be Pulp-compatible. All of them are available here;

They are shared with an MIT license (essentially Creative Commons +Attribution). Use them in your commercial or free projects, just give credit back to me for the font conversion and compiling/creating/tweaking the glyphs in the PNG format in the first place. :smiley:

This set are mainly retro-computer themed, and most properly support pulp borders and widgets.

I have some fonts I created back on my Amiga and for other various projects over the years, which i'll be converting shortly as well.

Enjoy! (and let me know if you use them, i want to see what cool projects are out there!)

Edit: Also just uploaded a handful of other fonts here:


I've added this to the wiki.
Is there an easy way to download all of them?

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I added all of them as images in the readme section... scroll down to see it. From there, you can just right-click and save the ones you want. :slight_smile:


These are so great! :sob:

Inspires me to try to convert a few fonts of my own...



...Ignore the UI

e e:

two fonts here:

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Very helpful! I would have never found these without this post. Thanks man! :+1:

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Hi again all. Here's a bunch more fonts for use with your projects! Enjoy!

Just right-click and save the ones you want and link back to me/the repository. :slight_smile: