Game freezes when swinging crank quickly (only in simulator) - Windows


I’m seeing a bug in the WIndows simulator where, if I swing the crank quickly, the game will freeze until I stop.

This is something that seems to be happening to some degree or another in many of the recent SDK versions, but seems to have gotten worse in 1.3.1.

Is this with the auto-crank slider or manual crank using the simulator user interface?

Does it happen using the device to control the simulator?

It’s only when I spin the crank manually. And it doesnt happen when I use the Playdate controller. It might have something to do with the crank jumping between values?

I’ve identified the biggest offender (and regression) that was causing most of the slow down. I’ve improved this quite a bit with various changes so please try the next release and let me know if performance is acceptable.