Game in Progress - Finistère


Finistère is a satirical climate crisis game made for the playdate and its unique controller interface, the crank.

As a forest craftsperson you must manage your forest. But time is of the essence.

Finistère will be launched at The Winchester Gallery (Winchester, UK) during the exhibition opening of "Ordinary Things" on November 2nd 2023 organised by Winchester School of Art, Department of Art & Media Technology, University of Southampton.

The climate crisis has become an ordinary part of our lives because of government inaction.

Finistère plays on the individualistic framing of climate action as a lifestyle choice, rather than the scale and urgency of the climate crisis which calls for "rapid and transformative change" (IPCC 2015) and systemic action.

Finistère will be available while in development and released for free here on (playdate required), all the source code is also released as free software.

Finistère was conceived and designed by Adam Procter with a lot of help from Mathew Louis Parker

More here - Finistère by Adam Procter (inc a short up to date dev log)

Game is not downloadable yet and we will be looking for playtesters soon but will need them to be able to record themselves playing the game so we can see what is understood or miss understood and how to improve the overall UX. We are pretty close to MVG (minimum viable game) for testing purposes however


Update a zipped PDX is now on the itch page for testing. This is an alpha build, feedback welcome. We are planning a bunch of in person user testing in Sept / October in the UK, south England.

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new version updated, 0.1.7 more updates to come this month, but this version should make more sense in general :smile: Finistère by Adam Procter


new version 0.1.9 is now out 0.1.9 update - Finistère by Adam Procter includes info to launch event on Thursday and our 3d printed case to secure the playdate during the exhibition.

new version 0.2.0 is out now 0.2.0 Update is now out ! (important info) - Finistère by Adam Procter

The launch opening of Finistère has been put back to Tuesday 7th November as part of the Ordinary things exhibition private view as in a twist of fate a climate crisis related storm hit the UK last Thursday and so we decided to move the private view.

Which has also given me some more time to keep adding to the game and so now with version 0.2.3 updated this weekend, I have added the ability to see the score you are trying to beat when the level loads, upping that competition and jeopardy factor.

new level design for level 3 now in 0.2.4.

Plan is to introduce a level manager and then should be able to move to level names, a level select and decreased the onboarding if you just want to play from start to finish but that maybe a way off :smile:

I havew updated my blog to have a page about games outputs I have undertaken, with some more about this game FYI Dr. Adam Procter - Games

nice blog post. also, I really like the stand!

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