Game names appear in the games list even though they have not been "unwrapped"


I'm not sure this is the appropriate place for this but I figured I'd share my thoughts about this. I like to keep my time unwrapping my first season games, to try and keep the surprise unspoiled as I take my time playing my other games. However last time I wanted to check the size of one particular game was taking, and I noticed that all the games, even the ones still under wrap, appeared in the list with their full name.
That spoiled the surprise as many names usually give away what the game is.

It's really not a big deal, but I wonder if other people may also like better if names were kept hidden in the list until the games have been unwrapped?

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Interesting. Yeah, we'll be improving the game list UI in the near future so we could probably add this. Thanks for the idea!

Cool. Thanks for considering it.