[GAME] V.S. 3 minute adventure to crush the rebellion

— What is V.S. ------
Can you restore the kingdom and crush the rebels? Only you and your mega tank can restore order in the latest not-at-all-turn-based-strategy game for the Playdate!

Roll across 3 hand crafted islands as you craft fuel from trees, pillage factories for ammo, and challenge the roaming rebels. Bribe the ferryman and brave the high seas in this open world 3 minute adventure!

— Screenshots ------



— FILES ------
JSON Source V2: V.S.json.R2.zip (5.9 KB)

PDX Package V2: V.S.pdx.R2.zip (45.0 KB)

— How ------
Its the weekend already here in Japan so I spent my saturaday learning pulp and making this. Done in about 8 hours including learning pulp it should be a short and punchy experience.


New version, it is getting late.


  1. Fix Fuel hud display not updating on Outlands and Capital
  2. Randomized the ocean waves
  3. Improved card
  4. Add AI logic. Enemy tanks now randomly roam the islands attempting to attack the player.
  5. Tightened balance, more meaning to Outlands island

Overall I think Pulp is pretty neat. Super limited but the constraints keep scope in check mean I feel pretty good for what this 1 day project became. I do hope someone gives it a play.


Hi! I think you will need to rename the file with your game ('V.S..pdx' to 'VS.pdx'), otherwise it cannot be run on the console.

Keep developing the game, it's interesting!

This was really cool! it was the first game i tested loading into pulp. I only got to the 3rd area and ran out of ammo. Interesting puzzle game i'd love to see where it goes.

Thanks for testing it on device!

Wow that is a high contrast screen. The Pulp emulator cannot communicate how black those black tiles are. Seems some sort randomized grass could spice up the scene.

@celemente_the_trigger You made another post about sharing music, you wouldn't happen to be interested in making sfx or a bgm for v.s. would you? Music was one nice-to-have I have no hope of doing well.

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