Garbled Songs - How to Fix?

For some reason, the songs that previously had been imported, new imports, and anything I make are now sounding very odd. I'm not sure if I clicked on something to do this but can't find anything in the interface. I've started a new game and the same issue is there. Any ideas what's happened or what I'm doing to cause this?

Are you listening through headphones? I have noticed that my Pulp audio sounds fine on desktop but turns weird and garbled when I switch to a wifi headset (and is fine again when I go back to desktop audio.)

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Yeah that's exactly it. I hadn't thought so at first because my bluetooth headphones were still working fine for other sources on my laptop (like YouTube) but then I tested without the headphones just to see and it was OK again.

My first thought was that perhaps a low charge on the headphones affected it? But sounds like maybe not based on your experience. Even through the laptop speakers there was always some strange fuzz and such. I think I'll test some other outputs as I'm curious. Troubleshooting it was as frustrating as early days of programming :smiley: Just couldn't figure out what was wrong.

Thanks for the help!

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