Get together, add yourself to the community map!

Fancy a chat or face to face collaboration with other community members?

The add your location to this map to find out what other members of the community are closeby!

Important 1: choose some major nearby city for your location, don't expose your home address Important 2: Intended for get-together purposes

Suggested pin name: "UserName [MaybeSomethingYouAreWorkingOn]"
To add a pin to the map, click this icon:


Note: I'm sharing this in other communities as well, such as the Playdate Squad Discord. Not all users you'll find there are members of this forum.


This is what the loneliness of Playdate looks like :smile:

Great idea! I can't add a pin (I don't use Google services signed-in) but I see people starting to appear near me, and will keep an eye open for events!

This also reminds me to post in my local game dev group to see if there are other Playdaters there.

I can add one for you. (DM me if you want)
What city are you in and is there a project you're working on?

First time meme


Added my marker next to my good dear friend Point 47.

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