Go Noodle - A crank-powered snake clone

It's not the most original idea ever but this is my first playdate game, so bear with me. :slight_smile:

I thought it'd be fun to not lock the snake into the usual cardinal 4 directions but have it go all over the place with the crank (and all noodley). I was actually kinda surprised this wasn't a thing yet for the PD.


There's also a speed-adaptive background beat to get some extra "AHHHHH" into your gameplay.

I also got a bunch of ideas for features and improvements. If you can think of anything else, please let me know. I'm also happy to DM anyone a free copy or the code.

Please check out my game on itch: Go Noodle by SloFlo


Ha that's crazy, I'm also making this game :joy: I'm learning to code for the playdate and had the same thought process as you probably, I guess it's an example of simultaneous invention!

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Nice! Keep this good stuff up :+1:

Star Sled from Season 1 is similar, but, I guess, they didn't want to be a snake game, so there is a little twist to the gameplay.

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oh wow, I actually don't have that game unlocked yet. Do you know what week that is?

And thanks! :slight_smile:

Also that's pretty dope! :smiley:
Are you also learning the SDK? Do you wanna compare code?
If you want, we could join forces. I'm an absolute shit artist but I really enjoy coding these.

Yep I'm also learning the SDK, I've never done game dev before but I really liked how accessible it is with the SDK so I thought to give it a shot while waiting for my playdate to arrive :slight_smile:
Comparing code / joining forces sounds great!! I'll send you a pm :sunglasses:

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If I count right, it must be week 8. Don't let existing games stop your ideas flourish and keep on making!