Go Noodle - A crank-powered snake clone

It's not the most original idea ever but this is my first playdate game, so bear with me. :slight_smile:

I thought it'd be fun to not lock the snake into the usual cardinal 4 directions but have it go all over the place with the crank (and all noodley). I was actually kinda surprised this wasn't a thing yet for the PD.


There's also a speed-adaptive background beat to get some extra "AHHHHH" into your gameplay.

I also got a bunch of ideas for features and improvements. If you can think of anything else, please let me know. I'm also happy to DM anyone a free copy or the code.

Please check out my game on itch: Go Noodle by SloFlo


Ha that's crazy, I'm also making this game :joy: I'm learning to code for the playdate and had the same thought process as you probably, I guess it's an example of simultaneous invention!

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Nice! Keep this good stuff up :+1:

Star Sled from Season 1 is similar, but, I guess, they didn't want to be a snake game, so there is a little twist to the gameplay.

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oh wow, I actually don't have that game unlocked yet. Do you know what week that is?

And thanks! :slight_smile:

Also that's pretty dope! :smiley:
Are you also learning the SDK? Do you wanna compare code?
If you want, we could join forces. I'm an absolute shit artist but I really enjoy coding these.

Yep I'm also learning the SDK, I've never done game dev before but I really liked how accessible it is with the SDK so I thought to give it a shot while waiting for my playdate to arrive :slight_smile:
Comparing code / joining forces sounds great!! I'll send you a pm :sunglasses:

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If I count right, it must be week 8. Don't let existing games stop your ideas flourish and keep on making!


Heyhey folks,

Just wanted to let y'all know that I've added a bunch of polish to the game and just pushed the official launch version of the game: Go Noodle by SloFlo

If you've downloaded it before, please give it another go (...noodle, haha) and let me know how you like it. :slight_smile:

Also if you got a score > 1000, pls post a screenshot.



Hurray! :tada: Well done!

I've checked it out. It feels like a good strong start! I liked snappy sfx and adaptive soundtrack (-:

Do you have a physical Playdate to try it on? I personally find some icons and 1 px-stroke fonts to be too small for the small crisp Playdate display. Its pixels are certainly much smaller than those of many computer screens.

Any plans and ideas to develop it further?

Oh yay, thanks! :slight_smile:

And thanks for the feedback! Do you mean the fonts in the score area on the left? I do have a physical console but I thought it was fine but now that you mentioned it, it is a bit hard to read sometimes. I'll try blow them up a bit. Maybe just rendering them twice, offset by 1px could help. Otherwise, I'll edit the font.

As for how to develop it further...
I've been thinking about it. The 3 things that come to mind in increasing order of effort are

  • difficulty settings
  • more items
  • levels

The first two I can kinda see make sense, especially difficulty settings. But I'm basically wondering how I should spend my time - like do you think spending a few more hours on this project and implementing these would be better than working on my next playdate project? And at what point does it become feature creep?
I saw a video the other day about how to fail at making an arcade game and the guy said the only real way to fail is by adding a bunch of unnecessary bloat. So I'm worried adding more stuff would make this needlessly complicated. But IDK.

The other issue that I'm having right now is how to give the game a bit more visibility and if I add a bunch of major features, if anybody will notice. I feel like 95% of all clicks are coming from the https://itch.io/games/newest/tag-playdate page and since my game isn't new anymore, I won't get found by anybody.

This looks really cool. I love the doodle style of the icons and animations! Will take a look at the game after work.

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Playdate Catalog Submissions wink wink

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Working on it. :slight_smile:
I submitted once already and got rejected on exactly what you said - fonts too small.

So I cranked them up and also added a bunch of new froot and resubmitted. :crossed_fingers:


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