Godspeed, a simple game inspired by the movie Speed, out now!

Godspeed is a simple game for Playdate, inspired by the movie Speed. You play as a bus, speeding down a highway full of obstacles, and if you slow down, or crash too much, the bomb explodes.

Get it on itch.io!


Every obstacle you hit, you slow down. If you don't mash A hard enough, you slow down. If you slow down too much, or hit obstacles thrice, you explode! How far can you go?

  • to move up one lane
  • to move down one lane
  • Mash A to speed up
  • Press B to restart the game after exploding

This is my first Playdate game as a solo dev. I really had fun building this, Playdate really is an amazing little device! I started working on this game while waiting for it be shipped, initially in the simulator, then on the device itself. I still want to develop something that uses the crank, maybe that will be my next project.

Let me know what you all think!