Gravity Express full game playtesting

Copy-paste from the unofficial Playdate Squad Discord: Discord

I'm finishing up my space platformer Gravity Express.
I'm looking for about 5 testers: 3 hardware and 2 simulator.

My main goal is to find bugs and to playtest the levels: are they fun to play or will players get frustrated or even stuck because the difficulty is too high?

A full playthrough will take about 2-3 hours of your time. In return, you'll get to play a pretty polished game for free :slightly_smiling_face:

Please mention in your reply whether you will be testing on hardware, windows, mac or linux

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Not sure why nobody replied, but if you still need a tester (on the Playdate), here I am!

Plus, I'm Italian, if you wish, I could even translate it in Italian (for free of course)... :wink:

Hey there, saw your comment on the itch page. Thanks!

I should have set this thread to Solved, as I did find some testers on Discord.

But maybe it can't hurt to have a tester for the final build that will actually get uploaded to itch, would you be able to get me feedback on that before Wednesday?

For faster communication, find me on the community discord: Discord

I sent you a pm in discord :grimacing:

If you're still in need of any testers, I'm happy to test. I have a physical device as well as the mac simulator.

I have a 3 day weekend so have some extra time to test and can provide feedback before Wednesday.

@Nino - I bought Gravity Express the other day. I'm having fun playing through the levels.
The gameplay is nice and smooth, and the music is great.

There's nothing more satisfying than careering full-tilt into a landing-zone, only to somehow pull of a perfect touchdown in the last split-second before the impending obliteration!

Anyway: Good Job!

How is your next game going?