GTA 1/2 type overhead engine

Sadly the mirror app doesn't save as a file format I can upload here, so here's a youtube link
Worse, I'm only getting sub-10 FPS

The surfaces are vector images, which converts a series of X/Y floats into a series of points with lines drawn between them. I went with this method since it's high performance on Android/PC but sadly not here... It also has scaling/distortion built in, I had hoped better than textures

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Nice, it at least feels like vector-style graphics should work well on the PD.

Do you know how many lines were being drawn here in total? Does the profiler identify any particularly slow parts?

Only 8 lines, which isn't much. It's a direct port from my VB6 code, so it's using arrays/tables when I should switch to returning 2 values or just 1. I'll rewrite a few things and hope it helps. But no one is going to play with a framerate this low, especially since the vectors are going to handle the streets too.

it is C or lua? Is there source?

Lua, I'll have to make some optimizations before uploading any code.

well I am sure it must not freeze with pure C

I'm not able to convert all this code to C