Headless Simulator

I.e., so we can run tests on our games under something like Docker. It'd also be cool if we could specify a --test-file option to test. That way we could do stuff like

import "CoreLibs/testing/input" -- can emulate input
import "CoreLibs/testing/ram" -- view game variables
import "CoreLibs/testing/collision" -- view collision and whatnot
import "CoreLibs/testing/display" -- view sprites, images, and whatever is on the screen

and then we could have something like

function playdate.testing.onCollision(sprite1, sprite2)
    -- do something on collision

This way we could build something similar to Punch-Out Wii's soak test

You don't mention what platform you're on but the macos simulator can be run with a path to a pdx and can be made to exit at the end of the script with playdate.simulator.exit(). Have you tried passing a PDX path to the simulator?

I'm on Windows. I'm aware I can pass a PDX path to the simulator, but that's not my point. Under Docker, we don't have a GUI though, so we would want a way to control from a script or something, and a headless mode. playdate.simulator.exit() is a good start, but it's not exactly what we need.