Hello, i would like any developers to create in Team a fps game

Hello, i have a good idea for a games, it will be an fps with arbalete and you can use crank to recharge and control the strong of shoot, and it will be rogue like with an procedural level,

And you can have plenty arms, it will be doom-like on playdate. How do you think about this game ???

I could create the story, music and dialogue.

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This is an interesting concept.

It's very high level, more of a scenario than a game design right now.

For example, what is the gameplay loop that makes it fun? What is the goal? What are the risks and rewards? How does the crossbow work?

I'd encourage you to produce concept art. It doesn't need to be final, though it might help if it was 1-bit black and white. This will help you think through the details of your concept. Example could help set the scene/vibe.

You might want to approach the people who have created FPS engines on Playdate. They're mostly more like Wolfenstein than Doom, although there are a couple of people doing 3D engines.

The Playdate Squad discord server can also be used to talk about your ideas.

Good luck!