Help - Song Export

Hello, i'm trying to export songs i have made to share with you guys! i click export under the songs section, and it gives me a file called pulp-songs.json. how do i import this song to another game? i make a new game, click import under the songs tab, and select that .json file, but nothing happens. thanks for the help!

There might be some JavaScript errors in your console. If you want to share that pulp-songs.json here I can try to reproduce the error.

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Here is the file when "export" under songs is clicked and saved. (666 Bytes)

Thanks so much for your help shaun!

Weird. I seem to have been able to import these just fine. After import I have a complete “theme” loop and two in-progress songs “song 1” and “song 2”. No errors. (Sitting here grooving to “song 1” trimmed to a single 6/4 bar on loop :playdate:)

Hey thanks for double checking this for me shaun. I think it may have been because i was using firefox. I appreciate your help and answering my questions!

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