Help: target audience for Playdate games / owners buyer persona

Hi guys, I'm currently working on my university thesis focused on the Playdate and their titles (actually working on a game prototype at this moment) and I would appreciate some help trying to identify what the owners of this fantastic yellow handheld are looking for to keep the excitement.
My first task is to identify the target age of those who are active members of this ecosystem (aka the ones who are playing games with the Playdate), so I'm putting a short poll here to help my research.
As probably some of you have already launched at least a title for the console, if you can also put some extra information about they buyer persona of your games I will be truly grateful!
Thanks in advance

Are you a Playdate user/developer of the;

:point_right:Yellow Minion generation ( 5-12 years old )
:point_right:Yellow Simpsons gen ( 12-45 years old )
:point_right:Yellow Submarine gen ( 45 - 65 + years old)

Can't wait to get your input, thank you so much!! :pray:

Perhaps the forthcoming results of the (unofficial) Community Census will be of interest?

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Thank you so much Matt, I already completed the questions. I hope this information will be shared with the developer community soon :smiley: Is great to be part of this experience!