Hi Everyone! I like to make beats

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I'm getting more familiar with the song mode and cut and paste function for the midi notes would be a huge QoL feature. Also, i have an issue with the playhead playing longer than intended. if you have 4 parts each 2 bars long, and draw more midi notes into bar 3 and 4 then delete them, the play head still thinks there are 4 bars, even though the last 2 bars are empty of midi notes. being able to manually control (via number or otherwise) the playhead looper, and timeline would be sweet.

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I like to start my songs with a few bars, usually 4 or 8. there are a lot of cut and paste areas in the general structure of a song (especially for percussion parts). I'm not sure what the clone hold button does, but i couldn't figure it out. maybe you can implement it with the lasso tool then control + C, select area of playhead or type in playhead number, control +V. This can easily turn a 8 bar loop to a full song!

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The most basic of percussion beats is a 4-on-the-floor kick, once per beat. when you input this and click play(space), the playhead will loop, but it loops from beat 1 to beat 4 instead of 4 e + a. Since the quantization is limited in scale for playhead, maybe you could implement auto play looper to the end of the bar (or just let the user select the playhead loop area). Thanks so much! i'm really excited to start making music for this community, i hope you all like my beats.

Hi @clemente_the_trigger, it took me a minute to figure some of this out at first, but I believe a lot of this functionality is already there.

  • You do end up with leading/trailing null spaces if you remove notes, but those empty blocks can be selected (clicked) in the arrangement screen and removed with the delete key.
  • You can copy/paste with the clone tool. Use the lasso tool (shift key) to first select either the arrangement (top area) or notes (bottom area), the use the clone tool (hold option key) to click and drag the selection to a new part of the score.
  • This third one related to the arrangement 'blocks' not quantizing is a legitimate gripe, but you can work around it by stretching your last note to the end of the measure, then shortening it back to the original length.

...while we're on the subject, I would personally love a 3/4 or 6/8 grid option. I can obviously work around it by composing in 12, but the first game I ported had a 6/8 opening theme and it would have saved me some time if the grid had better aligned to the composition.

Hey Ryan,

Thanks for your response!

1.) This worked, great suggestion!

2.) lasso tool works as expected holding shift. still can't get clone to work properly. i hold option and i see a little hand icon. what comes next? i tried selecting one of the notes within the lassoed area and draging but that didnt work. i tried click and draging the area i want it to duplicate but that didn't work either.

3.) I get it! its kind of the opposite of the first one where i creat a trailing null spaces! thanks!

Glad some of that helped.

On #2, I'm using Edge, but after using the lasso tool to select all my notes and then letting go of the shift key, the sheep button/clone tool is automatically selected and my mouse cursor turns into a hand. You can then click and drag the selected notes to the new location and it should make a copy of them, leaving the original notes unaffected.

Hey thanks so much for your help and your time. I know we are all busy but this has helped me tremendously. I got it to work with chrome and that's what i'll be using from now on.

All the best,