Hide/minimize status popup

When uploading a build to device, I often work on something else since this process can take a bit of time. However it's a bit frustrating that the status popup is always on top and can't be minimized or hidden.

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This is also annoying on macOS, but there it can be moved — and remembers its position! — so I have it tucked in the notifications corner.

Screen shot 2023-05-10 at 13.42.44

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We agree this could be improved, we'll get it into our tracker and see if we can't improve it in the future.

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I notice in the latest 2.0.1 on macOS this popup is no longer movable and is now different and more of an obstruction. It's now more like the description in the OP.

  • fully modal
  • blocks use of Simulator whilst transferring
  • fixed in the middle of the Simulator window

Not sure I tried it in 2.0.0.

On the plus side

  • at least I can do other things and it doesn't interrupt other apps
  • transfers seem faster. Or maybe it's just my imagination.

What is the reason the popup is needed at alll? Why not just have something more subtle like a spinner on the window, or a system notification?

This is because any interaction with the serial port on the Playdate while uploading could interfere with the upload (e.g. serial commands, unmounting, printing, sampling, etc). The Windows/Linux simulator would already block globally while the Mac sim was more lenient. While removing the global floating window I moved it to be window modal where it should have been originally to prevent unwanted interaction with the device while processing the sequence of serial commands.

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Aha, yes I see how that could be problematic.

No worries!