How do i get my sound size smaller? I dont mind losing quality

Is there a specific word i should google, like bit sounds or something?

I got a mp3 81kb, converted to .wav file 500kb WOW, find an online compress i got a 150kb file. I'm only to get a sound thats like 5kb. Is that possible? Where can i demake this sound?

It will be very difficult to get a WAV file that is smaller than an MP3, as WAV is uncompressed. Unfortunately, MP3's are very bad for performance on the Playdate so there is not much of a choice. The best way to reduce the size of a WAV is to convert to Mono if the sample is stereo. That will already reduce the size by half. Then you can export as IMA ADPCM, which is the recommended WAV format for Playdate. This will also reduce the file size significantly. Another option if you are okay with reducing audio quality even further is to reduce the sample rate. Most samples will probably be 44.1 kHz, but you could reduce it to 22.05 kHz or even 11.025 kHz.

You can do all of these things with Audacity, or any other audio editing software. In Audacity, you just drag the file into the window, select the track, and go to Tracks > Mix > Mix Stereo Down To Mono. Then in the bottom left you can change the Project Rate. Then when exporting, you do File > Export > Export as WAV, and under Encoding you can select IMA ADPCM.

thank you that was what i was looking for what program i should use to do all this, i dont really care about sound, i just need some sound to show help give users feedback on confirms.

thank you i used audacity and i got the sound down to 12kb and it sounds the same.