How do you change the sizes of the option boxes when ask is used?

I'm trying to make the option box bigger for when I used ask, because the option box is to small and the message does not fit, does any know how to help me.

Pulled this off the PulpScript:

Its text box can optionally be manually positioned and sized:

ask "stringValue" at x,y then ...


ask "stringValue" at x,y,w,h then ...


menu at x,y,w,h then
    option "One" then
        // do one thing
    option "Two" then
        // do another

Presents a paginated menu with one or more options at x,y. w and h are optional and specify the width and height of the menu minus chrome tiles and cursor. Menu options are selected by pressing the A button. Submenus can be dismissed by pressing the B button. By default the root menu cannot be dismissed. Set config.allowDismissRootMenu to 1 to allow the root menu to be dismissed by pressing B.

Here's the PulpScript link:

Thank you, I did look at the pulpscript but when I tried it only changed the size of the ask message box not the options' box sizes.