How long can a pulp song be?

Hi, I'm trying to write a long-ish song in pulp, but am having trouble once I reach the right hand side of the screen. I copy / pasted the first part of my song and the notes got inserted correctly, but went way off the right-hand side and now I can't scroll beyond the right hand side to see it. In fact I can't scroll at all.

Hmmm... found a bit in the docs that says

Songs can be up to 32 bars long and make use of all five voices simultaneously.

If a bar is one of those squares on the song composer then there are indeed 32 of them on the screen. Is the problem then that my screen is the correct size to edit a full song, so doesn't need to scroll, but although the editor knows it should only allow for 32 bars it allows a user to paste beyond the 32, so more than 32 bars can be created but only the first 32 can be edited?

The top half of the song editor shows a zoomed out view of the overall song (max 32 bars). The lower half of the song editor titled Notes shows a zoomed in view of 4 bars. What you're probably missing is at the top of the top half is a yellow rectangle with "Notes" written in it that you can click and drag left and right to change the position of the zoomed in view on the lower half. This is how you scroll beyond the right hand side, as you put it!

It's not obvious and you aren't the first person to be caught out by it if that is the case!

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Aye, I can use that Notes draggable box to scroll what's in the bottom window. My problem is that I've copied and pasted bars that now go beyond the 32 bars that are on the top window but I can't scroll into them. The Notes draggable box only goes up to the first 32 bars. Now I have the issue that when I play the song I can hear what's in there beyond the first 32 bars, I just can't edit it.

Ah ok, ignore me then! Sounds like you've found a bug.

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Whoa that's wild. Does it play past the 32 bars when you launch the game in browser?

I'm running into the same bug! I wasn't able to scroll beyond 32 bars, so had to recreate the song anew to avoid it playing things I couldn't see/edit after bar 32. Indeed, it does play beyond the 32 bars when the game is launched in-browser.

Thanks for verifying this Amanda :slight_smile:

Personally I think the best fix would be to allow songs to go longer than 32 bars! It looks like the reason for the limitation isn't technical, but is more a question of screen real estate, not wanting to go beyond what fits on the screen so issues like how to scroll etc don't need to be addressed.