How to add a version number

Is there a way to add a version number to a game with Pulp? It would be nice when sideloading to test a game on the Playdate. I did find I could add a "version=" line to pdxinfo, but I was wondering if I was missing some spot in the Pulp UI to do so. Thanks!

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I don't believe there is a way to edit this in the Pulp UI. Just keep doing what you're doing and maybe ask for this in the Quality of Life thread.


@GuineaPig you should unmark Jonggungbu's comment as a Solution.
Then perhaps add the feature request tag to this post.

This should really be added.


Agreed. Unmark that Jonggjungbu person’s reply as a solution. It is how it works, but we would like Pulp to handle it for us in the UI.