How to Create a "Selectable Letter" Tile?

I'm trying to make a simple crossword puzzle. I have created a player that is a moveable flashing box for selecting grid spaces, and a grid of blank boxes for the crossword solutions. I want to be able to move the player over each of the boxes, and then cycle through letters of the alphabet using either a button or the crank to enter the solution letter by letter.

I'm not sure how to do this - the problem with sprites is I don't know how to make them so my player can hover on top of them, and

on crank do
swap "tilename"

Doesn't seem to do anything when applied to items. How would I go about doing this? Would it better to use world tiles and just have the game call on the letters on crank/confirm instead of swapping to them?

Rather a newbie here in case you couldn't tell... Thanks for any help!

There's a lot of swapping logic in this thread that's worth a look, from letter input selection to faking a computer cursor and some crank stuff : likely be good reference for what you're looking for:

In terms of using items to "hover over" in that, you move the player onto it and then it doesn't collect/disappear, just override the "on collect do" event with a blank function, that stops the default collecting behaviour.

Don't know if that helps at all!

Thank you, I'm actually looking at that name entry keyboard post right now, I hadn't spotted it before - hopefully that will help!