How to structure multiple animators with increasing offsets?

Hey folks, so I'm trying to build a menu slide-in/slide-out animation for an arbitrary number of menu rows. The effect I want is effectively each row sliding in from the right hand side, with a very slight 50-100ms offset increasing per row, to create a sort of "wave" effect.

I'm new to Lua so I'm struggling with how to structure this. I'm using to set up my animations, and I think what I want to do is have a for loop that iterates through the number of rows while drawing them (which is working already), and adds a new animator per row, where the name of that animator includes the number of the row.

e.g. (excuse simplified pseudocode)

rowNumber = i
animRow1 =, rowNumber*100)

So my first question is, is this how you'd approach the problem? And the second is, how do I increase the number in the name of a variable based on "i"?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I recommend storing those animators in a list (table), indexed by their row number.

-- outside the loop
local rowAnimators = {}

-- inside the loop
rowAnimators[i] =, i*100)

You can access them later using the same syntax you use to set them, in order to check their current value, etc.

Edit: to add a clarification, you’ll want to create your animators in response to the event which causes the menu to appear/disappear. You don’t want the call inside your draw loop or the animation will never have a chance to begin. Inside the draw loop is where you want to access them again to read their value, e.g.

local x = rowAnimators[i]:currentValue()
-- draw using the interpolated x value for the row

Just so I'm understanding, the table then do I manually specify each row's offset, up to a max of whatever the max number of rows might be?

I guessa better way would be to create another function that populates that table programatically on init of the app?

Edit: actually I see, ignore this message. I'll give it a shot! Thanks.