How will Pulp Games get distributed/displayed/shared?

Curious how games created with Pulp will be shared with others or made available to load onto a Playdate. I’ve seen a few of the games from the Game Jam posted here, but will there be an official gallery of games to browse? Or will developers promote on their own?

We’re still working out our plans for Playdate game distribution. There are two things I can say today.

First, anyone will always be able to distribute their Playdate game themselves: put it on your website, list it on These games can be sideloaded quite easily.

Second, when you export a Pulp game as a .pdx file (a Playdate executable), that’s the same sort of file our SDK produces. So in that sense, you could equally share or sell your Pulp game on your own.

And of course, you can share the source of your Pulp game if you’re ok with that. Then anyone can import it into Pulp and play it that way.

We’ll have more to say about Playdate game distribution in the future!

Thanks! Thinking out loud, would be great to have even pinned threads or something similar in the meantime, maybe one for “Completed Games (.pdx)” and one for “Completed Games (source)” - where people can list the title and the link. Or a link to tag…

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