I can't register Playdate simulator online on PC

I'm using SDK 1.12.3
I tried 3 browsers: Vivaldi, Chrome and Edge.
After pressing the register button one the web page it asks for permission to run the
simulator exe, which I give by pressing "allow" but after this, new simulator window is opened
but simulator is still not registered.
Registration info is created however and manual registration works as expected.

You'll first have to connect to one of the test wi-fi access points within the simulated Playdate UI. But registering the simulator is not actually necessary. Please see this thread for more info:

Thanks for quick response :slight_smile:
I did it and it works. Maybe it is not needed but I'm SOOOO amazed
by this device as I discovered it today.
Very unusual ( in good meaning ) device these days. I'm glad I have "found" it :wink:

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