I would like à collaborator to create à good little game on playdate

Hello, i will buy playdate this week, and i had a great project,
An little open world in manor, it will be minimalist survival horror like that resident evil like
But it's not too complexe,

I can describe the project and me
I begin by my short description,
I'am muscian, and only i'am not devs, but i have plenty idea for plenty game, i wright plenty little story and poems, and song.

Now, We describe the project

You're playing Ethan Wrighter, you're private detective by riches american family, this family is the Kimswertheen's. It's riches and aristocrate businessman family and long management of bank traditions. Their daughter with this boy friend was disappear in mysterious haunted manors in japan.

You go in manor to discover what it happends and to find the mysterious secret.

This manor has plenty secret but ikai (Japan ghost) attack only the night.
When Ethan Wrighter go, one gently ikai give one power to survive. This power is to play in time on one day, you can modificate the hour on a day but if the night coming you're power is down for a night.

You have no armor, no weapons, you can find at the day, and the crank of playdate will be function for the power and enigm,
You'are 23 memory to find, in 7 days at this game,
At differents moment of the days, you can obtain different memory, différent weapon, item change during days and during the moment of the days,
You will be resolved 23 énigme to easy at to hards

You will be have 10 differents endings :

If you exit the manor but you can't entry in the manors
If you exit immediately after the entry in the manors
If you die at you're first night
If you die in the seven days
If you survive all days but you have not all memory
If you survive with all memory during 7 days
If you have all memory in very short time
If you survive with 0 memory
If you die with all memory
If you don' t find weapon and all memory in short time

The game will be finished in 3-5 hour max estimated