IBM Code Page 437 image table + small console library (roguelikes!)


font-table-8-8 (126.6 KB)

I posted an image of this in Discord before, but I made an image table of the IBM Code Page 437 character set. But I also went a bit further and made a small library that uses it to help make console-like games like roguelikes on Playdate. You can get and set characters in a 25x15 grid, fill rectangles, print text, and even draw boxes and lines. I even documented it!

import "con"


function playdate.update()
	con.print("Hello, World!", 1, 1)

On /r/roguelikedev they'll be doing a three-week event starting on June 16 where they walk through a roguelike development tutorial, and I thought it might be fun to try it, but on Playdate. Since we're still in the developer preview phase, I won't be posting builds of the game over there or anything, but maybe I will here if I think I make anything interesting.

I wonder what the crank could be used for in a roguelike.